Derricks Edwards
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  • Accountability & Transparency

    I am the Most Qualified Candidate running for the Louisiana State Treasurer’s office and the Election is on October 14, 2017.


I will bring Accountability and Transparency to the State Treasurer’s office, so that the people of Louisiana know exactly how your tax dollars are being spent.


(Accountability & Transparency)

I will bring Honesty, Integrity and most importantly Accountability and Transparency to the State Treasurer’s office.

As your next State Treasurer, I will represent Louisiana with honesty, integrity and most importantly accountability and transparency, so that the people of Louisiana will know exactly how their tax dollars are being spent or wasted and the Politicians that voted on the bills that waste Louisiana taxpayers money.

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  1. Single-Parent

    Derrick was raised in a single parent household. Derrick’s mom always told him as an educator and school teacher.

  2. Tragedy Strikes

    In 1989, Derrick suffered a catastrophic football injury his senior year in high school in New Orleans leaving him paralyzed.

  3. Overcoming Obstacles

    Despite suffering a catastrophic injury in high school, Derrick graduated on time with his high school class and went on to receive 3 degrees in college.

It’s Time for a Change
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It's Time for a Change in the way we govern our state, Louisiana. I believe all Public Officials should serve the people of Louisiana, not their Political Party or Corporate America. We need to elect Public Servants like Derrick Edwards to serve Louisiana citizens not Career Politicians.

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  • Derrick’s Amazing Story called Defying the Odds was Featured on the Today Show with Hoda Kobt, to show that the only Disability in Life is Giving Up, so Never Give Up in life no matter what.

    Derrick Edwards

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It is time for a change in the way we govern our state and nation.
We need to elect public servants like Derrick Edwards, not career politicans.