Derricks Edwards
Inspirational Story

Meet Derrick

Derrick Edwards had a childhood dream of making a difference in the lives of the people of Louisiana, but growing up Derrick had to overcome tremendous obstacles and search deep within his own soul to achieve this dream. Derrick is an individual with strong faith, determination, and extremely hard-working and Derrick next endeavor is politics and representing the people of this great state, Louisiana as your next State Treasurer on October 12, 2019.


Derrick was raised in a single parent household. Derrick’s mom always told him as an educator and school teacher I can not afford to buy you everything you want, but I will make sure you get an excellent education, so that you can not only have the things you want in life, but also make a difference in this world.

Tragedy Strikes

On September 9, 1989, Derrick was a senior at John F. Kennedy high school. While playing high school football, Derrick suffered a catastrophic football injury during a football game in New Orleans, Louisiana at City Park Stadium. As Derrick was running down the field on kick off coverage, he brutally collided with another player on the opposing team. After lying on the field for a few minutes, the EMTs rushed out onto the field and asked him what was wrong. He told them that he could not move. The EMT told him on the field that night that he was paralyzed, but he did not know the extent of his paralysis until the doctor ran further tests on him at the hospital.

After Derrick sustained a broken neck playing high school football, he spent six months in the hospital and two months in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Tulane hospital. Derrick’s medical condition required around-the-clock medical care, a doctor advised his mother that he felt it would be in Derrick’s best interest to be placed in a nursing facility. Derrick’s mother told the doctor that “if GOD did not take Derrick the night of his injury, then I’m bringing him home with me.” And as a result of Derrick mother’s faith, Derrick is running for Louisiana State Treasurer on October 12, 2019. This is a Statewide Election.

“If GOD did not take Derrick the night of his injury, then I’m bringing him home with me.”

Madeline Edwards

Overcoming Obstacles

Despite Derrick’s spinal cord injury on the football field, he graduated on time with his high school class at John F Kennedy high school. Derrick then went on to graduate from Tulane University A.B. Freeman School of Business in May 1997, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Accounting.

In May 1998, Derrick received a Masters of Accounting degree from Tulane University. After receiving his master’s degree from Tulane University, Derrick then applied to and was accepted in Loyola University School of Law, where he received his law degree in May 2003.

Derrick continues to make a difference in Our Community and State by Speaking at Schools, Churches and Hospitals about Not Giving up in Life, no matter what Trials and Tribulations you face in life. Remember, the Only Disability in Life is Giving Up, Never Give Up.

Practicing Attorney

As a practicing attorney at a law firm in New Orleans, Derrick has had an opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of his clients, one client at a time.

However, as your next Louisiana State Treasurer, Derrick will have an opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of millions of middle-class and working-class citizens in Louisiana by utilizing Transparency, so that the people of this great state, Louisiana will know exactly how your tax dollars are being spent and you can hold any and all politicians accountable for all Wasteful Government Spending of your tax dollars. Together, we can and will change, Louisiana politics.