Derricks Edwards
Inspirational Story
  • Education

    I am the Most Qualified Candidate running for the Louisiana State Treasurer’s office and the Election is on October 14, 2017. I am the Only Candidate with a Bachelor and Masters in Accounting from Tulane University and a Law Degree.

    The Louisiana State Treasurer Election is Statewide. Please Register & Vote. According to U.S. News, Louisiana ranks 46 out of 50 States in education. Click on the Link to review this article. This Chart List the Top 50 States for Education. The Quality of our Community Schools, Colleges and Universities are Essential to the Future of Louisiana. Our Students are Our Future. I will Fight to Stop CUTS in Education and TOPS Program. We Must Stop All CUTS in Education and Healthcare for our Citizens.

    I need your Support, Vote and Donations because Louisiana Politicians have a Spending Problem, not a Revenue Problem. We pay the Highest Sales Tax in the United States with Little to Show for It. Let’s elect a Public Servant, Not a Career Politician. It’s Time for a Change and vote Derrick Edwards, Louisiana State Treasurer on October 14, 2017 . Together, we can and will make Louisiana a place, Everybody is Proud to Call Home.